Top 10 Baby Gates For Stairs under 100

Is your little one crawling or walking faster than you can catch them? Your child’s safety is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your children.

However, you cannot always be wherever they are, especially when they get to the age where they become mini explorers. How then can you ensure your baby’s safety, even when they’re not in your presence to give you peace of mind? Baby gates are miniature gates that allow you to secure your child in a certain area which is safe for him or her to play in.

1 _ Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate

The Stairway Special Safety Gate (Model SS-30) is our maximum safety gate designed for the top of a stairway but it’s great for all areas! Features include a latch system that baffles toddlers yet allows one hand operation for adults, and an optional stop bracket prevents opening over a stairway for greater safety. The Stairway Special will mount at angles up to 30 degrees allowing location of a stud when mounting on drywall. The gate is constructed of aluminum which is lighter weight than steel. A powder-coated finish provides a long lasting, easy-to-clean surface and is available in White or Black.

Stairway Angle Baby Gate

All of our child safety gates are Juvenile Product Manufactures Association (JPMA) certified.

The Cardinal Gates Wood Gate (Model WG-35) is an attractive safety gate for children and pets. This gate is is identical to the model the Stairway Special Safety Gate (Model SS30). The only difference is instead of using an aluminum, powder-coated finish, this gate features a handsome, solid wood construction in a Colonial Maple finish. Note: The Wood Gate (Model WG-35) has slightly different dimensions than the Stairway Special Safety Gate (Model SS30). See dimensions below.

Keep children safe on decks and patios with our Outdoor Safety Gate. This gate is the the identical to the model of the Stairway Special Safety Gate (Model SS30), but features all stainless steel and aluminum construction and hardware. It’s the best gate on the market for outdoor use, period. Available in white, black or brown.


Gate width is adjustable 27 to 42 ½ inches, Installed height is 29 ½ inch, Bar Spacing is 2 ½ inch.

Wood Gate Dimensions: Gate width is adjustable 29 ½ – 49 ¼ inches, Height 29 inch, Bar Spacing is 2 ½ inch.

2 _  Dreambaby Magnetic Sure Close Gate

Dreambaby Magnetic, Auto-Close gate has ever feature you could possibly want in a gate. It is extremely versatile. The door will open in both directions, but can be easily adjusted to open in one direction only. The door will close automatically and has a built in magnetic feature to ensure it fully latches each time the door is closed. The gate includes Dreambaby’s new EZ Check indicator that will show green when the gate is properly installed and properly closed or RED when the door is open or if the tension needs to be adjusted. This gate also has a new built in feature that will allow the door to be left in the open position. Included is a new 3rd lock for extra security. It will fit an opening of 30 inch – 32.5 inch, but can expand up to 196.5 inch with the purchase of extension. A total of 4 extensions can be used (2 on each side). This gate is very easy to assemble. It is pressure-mounted so it can be assembled without the need to screw holes into woodwork, walls, etc., but it does come with mounting cups that can be hardware mounted for extra security if desired.

3_ Gaterol Active Lite Black – Retractable Safety Gate

Gaterol Active Lite – Our innovative design offers safe functionality, appealing design and a family friendly price.

  • Super Safe 36.6″ Tall because taller is safer. Fits narrow and wide openings from 18″ to 55″
  • No threshold when open means risk of tripping has been eliminated.
  • Install at top and bottom of stairways, in doorways, on patios, hallways…indoor and outdoor use.
  • 2 sets of mounting brackets allowing the alternate usage at two different locations.
  • Proven to be used with your Child and/or Pets. Mesh is scratch resistant.
  • Can be operated with one hand. If not needed roll it up. Minimal space requirements.
  • Shaking and rattling the unit will not knock it over since it is securely fastened with screws.
  • Your child’s fingers cannot be jammed or pinched.
  • As there are no metal screen bars, head injuries are prevented should your child rave.
  • A warning sound will alert you if the gate opens unintentionally.

Be aware of saving options when purchasing more than one gate at a time.

4 _ Evenflo Embrace Wood and Metal Gate

Built of sturdy, durable powder-coated metal and wood construction, the embrace wood and metal walk-thru is ideal for bottom of stairs, hallways, door openings, kitchens, and living spaces. This gate covers standard width openings, from 31″ to 32.9. The gate door swings in both directions, making for easy pass-thru in a high traffic areas of the home. The extra height on the gate (30″) makes it ergonomic for mom to use day in and day out, while deterring children from climbing over the gate and 32.9″ to 36.25″ with the included extension.

5 _ Summer Infant Anywhere Decorative Walk-Thru Gate

Create safe spaces anywhere throughout your home without sacrificing style. The Anywhere Walk-Thru Gate features a sleek, modern design made from high-quality metal and attractive hardwood, making it ideal for contemporary homes. It adjusts to fit in almost any door frame, hallway, staircase or opening in your home. The hinged swinging door opens in either direction, and the dual locking system provides added security. Give your child a safer environment to play and explore, and give yourself peace of mind.

The Anywhere Decorative Walk-Thru Gate includes two 4.8 inch extensions (28 to 32.75 inches without extensions, 32.75 to 37.75 inches with one extension, 37.75 to 42.5 inches with two extensions), which allow the gate to accommodate hallways, door frames, stairways, or openings 28 to 42.5 inches wide. In addition, this gate can accommodate baseboards.

6 _ Munchkin Auto Close Pressure Mount Baby Gate for Stairs

You CAN have style and safety all in one. The Auto Close Metal Safety Gate by Munchkin is the ultimate in baby gate technology, with a sleek steel design that keeps little ones safe. Equipped with a unique gravity-fed hinge, the Auto Close does exactly what its name implies: it closes automatically when the handle is released. And with a little extra nudge in the right direction, the door stays open, because every parent could use an extra set of hands.  Pressure-fit baby gate with hardware mounting kit included for added safety – great for use in doorways and stairs, suitable for children 6 to 24 months. Easy to open – pull and lift handle for easy one handed adult opening. Easy to close – simply push gate to close and lock – automatic self-closing hinge uses gravity to close door by itself

Measures: 29.5″ tall and 29.5″ – 37.8″ wide with the included (2) 2.75″ extension (fits up to 54″ wide with if additional extensions are purchased). Measure your desired opening prior to purchase to ensure a proper fit.

Extra-wide 21.5” walkthrough allows for easy in and out access

Dual-locking mechanism allows door to swing in both directions

Item number: 46760, model number: MK0006-022. Compatible extension item/model #s: 2.75″ – 16161/MK0079, 5.5″ 16162/MK0080, 11″ 16163/MK0081.

7 _ Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate Baby Gaten

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate is great for a home with large pets and active toddlers. It will block staircase openings and doorways to stop them from exploring unwanted areas and prevent impending accidents. The sleek metal gate offers a contemporary, stylish look with a dark grey exterior and three extensions to accommodate Large Openings.

The stylish Easy Close XL Baby Gate is perfectly suited for stairways and wide openings. Made from strong steel material, this safety gate provides the ultimate durability and strength. Safe for use anywhere in the home, this pressure or hardware mounted baby gate stands 36″.

Why You’ll Love It: With the extra-wide walkthrough it becomes easy for you to move in and out throughout the day and the double lock system helps in the safety of your children and pets.


Metal Baby Gate WhiteMeasures: 36″ tall and 29.5″ – 51.6″ wide with the included (1) 2.75″, (1) 5.5″ and (1) 11″ extensions (fits up to 54″ wide with if additional extensions are purchased).

Adjust openings between 29.5-51.5 and has a height of 36″

An extra wide walk-through section with 2 way opening and easy one-handed operation

Includes three extensions for flexibility of use

Double-locking system on the handle

A sleek design made from durable metal

U-shaped steel powerframe keeps gate securely in place

Pressure mounting system does not damage hardware

8 _ Welland Freestanding Wood Pet Gate Cherry

When you need to lovingly limit your pet’s access to specific areas in your home, welland offers you and your pets, the perfect solution for exquisitely designed pet gate collection. It is handcrafted mortise, and tenon construction without the use of nails, pins or screws and the non-toxic properties and the ergonomic, folding designs which combined with the classic wood frame make this pet gate to perfect addition to your house

Provides Gated-Off Area

Easily portable, folding and expandable design of pet gate allows you to use it in full hallways; double doors average doorways any place in your home

No Installation Necessary

The gate is free standing and used in front of doorways, entryways, halls, bedrooms, and staircases

Rubber Pads

Add rubber pads at the bottom of pet gates to prevent sliding and keep floors safe from scratching

Unique Hinges Design

Unique hinges allow panels to rotate 360- degrees for limitless configurations

Folding Design

The gate quickly unfolds like an accordion and stands that makes it simple to set up and store

9 _ Supergate Easy Close Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 28″ to 38.5″ Wide

The Easy-Close Gate by North States shuts firmly yet easily with one simple push, keeping your child safe and secure. Designed with safety in mind, this versatile gate is engineered to securely block doorways, hallways and other spaces. Busy parents will love that the gate swings open both ways and offers a double-locking system for peace of mind. To keep the gate open for multiple pass through, simply use the hold-open feature to prevent the gate from closing. When it’s time shut the gate, a gentle push will do the trick.

Easily adjusts to fit openings 30″ high and 29.5 inches – 38.75 inches width with one extension (included)

29 inches high gate fits openings 28 inches 31.5 inches wide, expands up to a maximum of 38.5 inches wide with two extensions included

Easy Installation

The Easy-Close Gate is simple to install. Slide the bolts with tension knobs into each corner of the gate frame. Place the gate in the opening so that the bottom frame is completely flat on the floor. To securely install, follow the instructions provided by turning the tension knobs for a snug fit.

Convenient Features

This safety gate offers many amazing features, all aimed to make life a little safer and easier. This gate opens and closes with one hand allowing busy parents to pass through with ease. The double-locking system provides that extra security expected from a top-of-the-line gate. A convenient hold-open feature keeps the gate at a 90 degree angle allowing multiple family members to walk through.

10 _ Dreambaby Boston Magnetic Auto Close Security Gate

The Dreambaby Boston Auto-Close Gate is perfect for parents who need functionality in addition to security. This gate features a unique Magnetic Locking System that will ensure the gate closes automatically and securely from any distance. The Smart Stay-Open feature is perfect for when you need to move freely through the barrier, such as when you’re carrying groceries or clearing the table. Utilizing simple pressure-mounting installation, the Boston gate can be mounted without the need for hardware. Once the gate is installed, the EZY check indicator takes out the guess work by showing that the gate is latched closed and tension is properly distributed.

Product Highlights

Fits doorways, hallways and stairways from 29.5″ to 38″ wide using two 2.75″ extensions (included) and is 29.5″ Tall.

Magnetic Auto-Close feature automatically closes and locks gate from any distance.

Tool-free, pressure-mounted installation (includes hardware for installation at top of stairs).

EZY Check Indicator provides visual verification when the gate is securely locked and properly installed.

Smart Stay-Open feature can hold the gate in an open position until you close it.

Gate door can open from both directions and swings closed automatically, but easily adjusts to open in only one direction.